Building Capacity to Manage Pressure

This program and online course are the result of a creative sentencing project in partnership with the Alberta Government and an oil and gas well servicing company.

The Program Consists of:


3D video

A re-creation of the events that led to the death of an oil and gas worker.

Free Online Course 

A free online course takes the student on a journey to better understand how successful work gets done and what it takes to make the next step change in performance. The course builds on what is learned in the video and consists of: 

  • Understanding Pressure – introduction to pressure and its dangers; 
  • Understanding Human and Organizational Performance – introduction to how humans and organizations perform in real-world environments. 

Online Store

Energy Safety Canada has partnered with Devco Consulting Ltd. to provide a third-party store to purchase resources in relation to pressure and HOP. 

Items available include:

  • Tent cards
  • Mouse pad
  • Poster set

Additional Resources and References 

Energy Safety Canada Resources: 

Other Resources and References: