Energy Safety Canada

We are Energy Safety Canada, the nation’s energy safety association. We work side by side with industry to drive safe work performance.

A not for profit organization, Energy Safety Canada was launched in October 2017 with the merger of Enform Canada and the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA). Together, we will continue the work of our legacy organizations to get workers home safely. 

  • Make it easier to get safety training
  • Reduce duplication of safety training
  • Make safety standards more alike from site to site
  • Recognize current and valid training and certificates
  • Reduce injuries and incidents
  • Improve safe work performance faster
  • Improve access to safety data analysis
  • Save time and money, increase efficiency through shared solutions and common safety standards

Your source for labour market information and trends in Canada’s Energy Industry

As a division of Energy Safety Canada, PetroLMI's mandate is to develop leading-edge research, tools and resources to increase awareness and understanding of the energy industry and its career opportunities and to support the attraction and retention of a skilled and productive workforce.  


PetroLMI generates the following labour market information, tools and resources: 

  • Labour market outlooks or forecasts that provide analysis and insights on employment requirements, hiring projections and the labour supply for Canada’s energy industry. 
  • Workforce trends or demographic reports that use current or historical data and explore workforce conditions and other demographic trends within the industry, including labour market statistics, labour supply data, in-demand jobs or shifting skill requirements. 
  • Careers in Energy website which offers resources, tools and information on the evolving energy industry. provides more than 170 career profiles detailing skills, education and training requirements, and tools to assess a career transition to different sectors.  
  • Experience the Energy in virtual reality (VR) through three different VR experiences designed to help new or transitioning workers explore the energy industry. Workers can visit multiple traditional worksites; test their skills to see how they measure up in a career in the services sector; and, take Adapting Futures, a series of tours that explore and explain emerging or growing sectors of the evolving energy industry.