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April 11, 2022
Lease Lighting Guideline
The guideline focuses on outdoor lighting requirements for mobilization and demobilization of drilling equipment on a lease site, ancillary drilling activities and lease site servicing operations. The intent of this guideline is to clarify roles and responsibilities, assist operators and contractors with determining minimum lighting requirements, and improve the safety and security of people and property on lease sites.

file-icon Lease-Lighting-Guideline-April-2022.pdf
February 25, 2020
Fit For Duty
Energy Safety Canada is developing Fit for Duty: A Program Development Guideline. This guideline provides direction for developing an effective fit for duty program that ensures workers have the capacity to safely conduct work. The guideline goes hand in hand with the Fit for Duty Life Saving Rule.

file-icon Fit-for-Duty-Toolbox-Talk.pdf file-icon Fit-for-Duty-Toolbox-Talk-(Notes-Included).pdf file-icon Fit-for-Duty-Workplace-Exposures-Toolbox-Talk.pdf file-icon Fit-for-Duty-Covid-19-Toolbox-Talk.pdf
February 6, 2020
The purpose of this guide is to outline and encourage a standard set of directional signals for guiding vehicles at worksites. Standard directional signals across the industry improve communication between drivers and guides and reduce the risk of vehicle related incidents. The goal is to prevent accidents and injuries that could occur due to blind spots and undetected movement of personnel and equipment.

file-icon Workers-Guide-to-Hand-Signals-for-Directing-Vehicles-Aug-16-2018.pdf