Safety Reconnect

Safety Reconnect (formerly Safety Stand Down) is a designated time for leadership to talk about safety issues directly with frontline supervisors and workers. Generally, the largest group in the workforce, frontline workers have the greatest number of recordable incidents and injuries – particularly among new workers.

When is it? 

Safety Reconnect can take place any time. It can happen once a year, for a day or a week, or on a monthly basis. To help align industry, Energy Safety Canada suggests sometime in the month of January, but choose the time frame that works best for your organization. The important thing is you make time for safety – no matter when that might be.

Where should leadership host it? 

The work site location is entirely up to you. Some leaders choose plants or permanent sites, while others visit temporary sites . The best advice is to go where you will have the greatest impact.

Do You Have to Shut Down Your Operations?

It is not necessary to shut down operations. However, if you do choose to shut down the operation you visit for an hour or a day, that helps to reinforce your safety commitment to frontline workers.


Resources and materials are available to help you organize a Safety Reconnect at your work site:

Supporting Research

Energy Safety Canada’s Performance Metrics Program provides injury and illness reports based on Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claims data. These reports can highlight safety issues that impact frontline workers every day.

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