Dropped Objects

Creating a company-wide dropped objects prevention program presents a significant opportunity to prevent serious injuries and incidents. The success of dropped objects prevention in any company is a function of a strong commitment to thorough implementation of the program.

Program Alignment

This program aligns with other Energy Safety Canada prevention strategies such as:

Program Resources 

The following resources are undergoing a 45-day industry review. Feedback should be provided to Energy Safety Canada at safety@energysafetycanada.com by November 5, 2020.

Watch the recording of the Dropped Objects Prevention webinar for an overview of the resources.

This best practice is designed to assist companies in the development, maintenance and on-going improvement of dropped objects prevention. Every company’s risks of dropped objects will vary. As such, each one’s control strategies may be slightly different to reflect the work environment and associated risks and challenges but should take into consideration the various components discussed in this document.

  • Dropped Objects Best Practice | DRAFT
  • This tool has been designed to educate industry on the use and limitations of exclusion zones and the need for other preventative barriers to build capacity to fail safe. This tool has been designed around a deflection off a round surface such as scaffolding tubing or handrails and therefore its use on angular steel to determine an exclusion zone may not be appropriate. Energy Safety Canada is seeking to publish the calculations and methodology around the exclusion zone tool in a peer-reviewed journal and will provide the link to this publication within the tool when it is available.

  • Dropped Objects Exclusion Zone Tool | DRAFT
  • Drops | Canadian Chapter

    Energy Safety Canada is in the process of partnering with DROPS (DropsOnline) in the establishment of a Canadian Chapter.

    Stay tuned for future announcements on how to become a member of this community of practice.

    Our goal:

    Zero injuries.

    Zero incidents.