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October 12, 2021
Catwalk Leveling Jack Dropped on Worker's Foot
A crew was in the process of rigging in a third-party hydraulic catwalk. A worker was positioned at the end of the pipe swing arm support (swing arm) to pull it away from the catwalk. As the swing arm was pulled away, it suddenly dropped approximately two feet and the leveling jack struck the top of the worker’s foot above the toe protector area. The worker sustained a fractured foot.

file-icon SA-12-2021-Catwalk-Leveling-Jack-Dropped.pdf
May 28, 2021
Over Pressure Causes Production Tank Damage
A crew was hydrotesting a newly constructed pipeline when an incident occurred. During pigging operations, hydrotest fluid and the pig became lodged. While the crew dewatered and depressured the equipment, a large volume of air inadvertently escaped into the adjacent 400-barrel production tank. High pressure in the tank blew off the tank lid and vent lines. No one was injured in the incident, but it could have resulted in severe or fatal injuries to workers in the surrounding area.

file-icon SA-09-2021-Overpressure-Production.pdf
April 16, 2021
Over Pressurized Piping Causes Line Failure
A coiled tubing crew was conducting pressure tests of the blowout preventer. Following a successful low-pressure test the line was bled down. This pressure was bled off without issue. At this time, a high-pressure test was conducted. When the valve was feathered open to bleed off the pressure, a loud bang was heard, and the piping parted. Several workers were in the vicinity of the flying debris, but nobody was injured.

file-icon SA-08-2021-Over-Pressurized-Piping-Causes-Line-Failure.pdf
April 12, 2021
Dropped Heavyweight Drill Pipe
A heavyweight drill pipe dropped to the floor and fell toward the driller's controls. The top of the pipe struck the doghouse and bounced, throwing the worker into the steam manifold. The pipe slid down the doghouse, through the railing, across the mud tanks and into the track hoe, missing the operator.

file-icon SA-07-2021-Dropped-HWDP.pdf

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