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May 6, 2022
Worker's Leg Amputated by Parted Sand Line
A well service crew was swabbing when the swab assembly reached the top of the well and parted the sand line. The rig manager was manually spooling the last six wraps of the sand line and became entangled in the parted line. The driller reacted, moving the throttle in the wrong direction and energized the line, which cinched on the rig manager’s leg. The rig manager was launched into the raising ram of the service rig and sustained a leg amputation and other serious injuries.

file-icon SA-06-2022-Worker-s-Leg-Amputated-by-Parted-Sand-Line.pdf
April 4, 2022
During pigging operations on a temporary water transfer line, a pig became stuck due to an ice blockage and pressure was trapped upstream of the pig. When it was freed, the pig and trapped pressure behind it traveled down the line causing a loose clamp to unfasten. The pressure release caused the disconnected hose to swing and strike a worker on the leg, causing serious injury.

file-icon SA-04-2022-Water-Transfer-Operation-Injury.pdf
March 7, 2022
Dropped Casing Pipe Strikes Worker
A service rig crew was lowering casing pipe into the channel slide when it snagged on the edge of the channel. This caused the travelling block assembly and tubing elevators to swing past the tubing tong line. The elevators opened and the pipe was released, striking a worker in the face on the catwalk below. The worker was seriously injured.

file-icon SA-03-2022-Dropped-Casing-Pipe-Strikes-Worker.pdf
February 4, 2022
Dropped Rod Transfer and Stand
While servicing a well, a floorhand pushed a suspended rod string over the floor. As it was lowered to latch into the transfers, the rod string got hung up on the rig floor causing the rod to twist and detach from the rod transfer and carabiner. The rod transfer and rod string fell approximately 14 meters, and the rod transfer struck the floorhand on the wrist causing injury.

file-icon SA-02-2022-Dropped-Rod-Transfer-and-Stand.pdf
January 5, 2022
Raising Ram Failure on Telescopic Rig
During the setup of a telescopic service rig, the raising ram buckled. This caused the top section of the mast, which was almost fully extended, to drop out of the bottom section and fall. Damage to the rig was extensive. While no injuries occurred in this serious incident, it could have easily resulted in serious injury or loss of life.

file-icon SA-01-2022-Raising-Ram-Failure-on-Telescopic-Rig.pdf
October 12, 2021
Catwalk Leveling Jack Dropped on Worker's Foot
A crew was in the process of rigging in a third-party hydraulic catwalk. A worker was positioned at the end of the pipe swing arm support (swing arm) to pull it away from the catwalk. As the swing arm was pulled away, it suddenly dropped approximately two feet and the leveling jack struck the top of the worker’s foot above the toe protector area. The worker sustained a fractured foot.

file-icon SA-12-2021-Catwalk-Leveling-Jack-Dropped.pdf