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May 13, 2021
Energy Safety Canada’s training certificates demonstrate a worker has been properly trained and is ready to work safely. Employers and workers rely on our certificates to prove a worker has been properly trained. Fraudulent ESC training and counterfeit ESC certificates are a safety hazard.

file-icon Safety-Bulletin-ESC-Fraudulent-Training-01-2021.pdf
April 16, 2021
Over Pressurized Piping Causes Line Failure
A coiled tubing crew was conducting pressure tests of the blowout preventer. Following a successful low-pressure test the line was bled down. This pressure was bled off without issue. At this time, a high-pressure test was conducted. When the valve was feathered open to bleed off the pressure, a loud bang was heard, and the piping parted. Several workers were in the vicinity of the flying debris, but nobody was injured.

file-icon SA-08-2021-Over-Pressurized-Piping-Causes-Line-Failure.pdf
April 12, 2021
Dropped Heavyweight Drill Pipe
A heavyweight drill pipe dropped to the floor and fell toward the driller's controls. The top of the pipe struck the doghouse and bounced, throwing the worker into the steam manifold. The pipe slid down the doghouse, through the railing, across the mud tanks and into the track hoe, missing the operator.

file-icon SA-07-2021-Dropped-HWDP.pdf

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