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Building Blocks of Managing HOP: Three-Part Series

A critical step is a human action that will trigger immediate, irreversible, and intolerable harm if that action or a preceding action is performed improperly. The following are fundamental truths of human nature: Humans make mistakes. Humans aren’t perfect. Human errors are a given.

Join Tony Muschara, author and specialist in Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), for a this three-part series on the building blocks of managing HOP. Join the discussion on how behaviour and outcomes emerge from the systems people work in and learn how to implement effective systems learning in your own organization.

Part 1:
Participants are encouraged to read chapter one of Tony’s Book, RISK-BASED THINKING: Managing the uncertainty of Human Error in Operations, “What is a Critical Step,” in preparation for this webinar. Free chapters of his book are available at Watch for Parts 2 and 3 of this series coming fall 2023.

Part 2: 
Risk-based thinking means adapting to evolving risks in the workplace, and being able to anticipate, monitor, respond and learn from them. As the name suggests, it's a way of thinking that increases the ability of frontline workers to better recognize changing risks and adjust their behaviours accordingly.

Part 3:
What are the system-level weaknesses in your organization’s structure that negatively influence behaviour choices in the workplace? Can you identify the vulnerabilities that weaken the effectiveness of your built-in defenses? This is what systems learning is all about.